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I just cannot see Lovie drafting Mariota. Because it is INDEED oil and water. Two quiet dudes just staring at each other going "yup...mmmhmmm...sure...mmmm".  And then we get to watch Marcus hand the ball off, or throw a screen to Sims. Glennon can do those things. Lovie will never get wild and crazy with a gimmick offense. Espescially an uptempo one. It leaves the defense on the field too long, TOP will be awful (on ratios). Lovie is NOT going to suddenly run a spread option with an uptempo element to it. He just won't. Coaches have their style, and Lovie is as stubborn as they get. I can see Tampa trying to move out of the #1, because Lovie knows the relevance and if his pick flames out, he will never coach in the league again. This is his last shot, IMO. Lovie Smith and Marcus Mariota. Whom is going to break first? (Deafening silence, as the two taciturn men shrug their shoulders. "Defense", Lovie says with a smile.)

WHich is why, although we need an improvement, with P.O.S. Smith running the team, we won't be drafting a qb in the first round, because it would be a waste of the pick, not necessarily because of the caliber of the qb, but moreso because Lovie won't let them be "the guy". He wants ball control/heavy run. ANY QB can hand off the ball, so why would we take a good prospect when he won't utilize it?

I can see him taking Jameis. He has done some spectacular stuff at FSU, he is local, addresses a severe need, and has a skill set and field general ability that is conducive to how Lovie wants to ru(I)n his team. Jameis fits like a glove. Mariota fits like a six fingered glove does on a hand amputee. It's a waste.

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