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I don't get where the notion of conservative Lovie not wanting a dynamic offense comes from. He brought in Mike Martz in Chicago and Jeff Tedford was supposed to have a dynamic, innovative offense. Neither time it worked out, but it was outside of the traditional run-run-pass stereotype that most people think of when they talk about Lovie.In terms of a QB, I'd think that Lovie saw what having Peyton Manning did for Dungy and would desperately want a franchise guy. I also think the idea that Lovie would be afraid to draft a QB is ridiculous.Criticizing Lovie for the coordinators he has brought in to run the offense is certainly fair, but it does seem like he has been willing to go outside the box to get a good offense.

Just because he got a coordinator in house doesn't mean he let them do their job without his "handprint" all over the system.When Mike Martz coached St. Louis, did he reign it in and focus on the running game? Wasn't Martz Vermeil's offensive coordinator in 99? (I could be wrong, but I think Martz brought the Greatest Show on Turf to life in 99 with Green and Warner as qbs, with Bruce, Holt, Faulk, etc. before taking over)Now I suppose you can argue that Martz had Hester, Williams, and Knox as receivers, and Forte as a RB, and that is the reason the offense was run first, but I think you could see that even with different personnel, the offensive philosophies were different. Lovie is the common denominator as to why Martz's offense wasn't as explosive, and why Tedford's looks nothing like the one he ran in college.

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