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I think a lot of this QB talk is somewhat pointless until a new offensive staff is hired. Any new OC will have tremendous input on any QB drafted. Prospects have to go through the interviews and the combine and it's a process.For all we know, after all the evaluations and everything, both Mariota and Winston are may be middle-first round talents. Then you have to figure if you want to trade down. I mean everyone last year at this time though Bridgewater was going to be the sure-thing #1 overall pick. In the end, he would have fallen to the 2nd round if the Vikes didnt trade up for him.So you really don't know yet how it's going to play out. What happens if you are a Bucs coach at the Combine and you see Winston and Mariota and don't really like either one of them? Then what?

If they're rated as middle first round talents but still better take one of them. Don't get cute and try to trade down then get them  because I know for sure some team would hope we're dumb enough to try that.

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