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the only people hoping for wins are the Glennonites.  Posters like BP and Calico Jack who have school girl crushes on the nerd for some reason.

Seems that way...

I have made my stance very clear as to why I believe Mike can work here as a QB under Lovie's system, but many refuse to understand this logic. It appears some would rather take middle school boy cheap shots. Oh and for the record, I have no control over the outcome of Bucs games no matter how much I hope.

I get it.  A female friend of mine is a Bills fan.  She grew up a Pats fan like everyone else up here but when Belichick traded Bledsoe to the Bills and went with Brady she never forgave them and switch alliances.  Glennon is your Bledsoe.  I can respect the loyalty you have toward your man.  It’s cute in your case.  In  Calico Jack or Hayseed case however it just kind of creepy.

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