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LOL, people said the same thing last season to those that didn't want to draft Manziel, as if you're "scared" if you just think a guy isn't worth drafting.

Manziel has never had the measurements to play in the league and unless he works on his release, he is going to suck for a very long time.  Mariota, while not the lazy spoon fed, entitled oil baron's son like Manziel, he has a lot of the same crosses to bear from a football fundamental standpoint.  Mariota has less of an arm than Manziel but has better wheels.  Mariota in the 3rd or 4th makes sense.  Any earlier than that is a huge reach and a waste of the pick.  We are not trying to sell jersey's we are trying to field a championship football team.

JFF has a bigger arm that Mariota?Some of those wounded ducks he tossed up last Sunday were horrifying. Embarrassing, for a NFL QB.  Jerra is looking pretty good right now.

He's too much of a moron to say anything nice about the guy since he likes Winston more so he just pulls shlt out of his ass even though it doesn't make sense.

I have said I think Mariota could be good.  But it certainly isn't apparent when looking at any of his college tape.  He runs 8-10 times a game in college, that won't work in the pros.  If you look at Manziel's combine tape you will see that his arm strength was one of the great things going for him. Mariota does not have a great arm - it's good, not great.

What combine tape? You mean his pro day throwing against air? He has mediocre arm strength. He could throw nice long duck but he can't drive the ball like most NFL QBs can.Mariota has very good arm strength. It's not a cannon like Winston but he can make all the throws and has good ball placement while doing it. I would say has a Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Tony Romo type arm strength.

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