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the only people hoping for wins are the Glennonites.  Posters like BP and Calico Jack who have school girl crushes on the nerd for some reason.

Seems that way...

I have made my stance very clear as to why I believe Mike can work here as a QB under Lovie's system, but many refuse to understand this logic. It appears some would rather take middle school boy cheap shots. Oh and for the record, I have no control over the outcome of Bucs games no matter how much I hope.

I get it.  A female friend of mine is a Bills fan.  She grew up a Pats fan like everyone else up here but when Belichick traded Bledsoe to the Bills and went with Brady she never forgave them and switch alliances.  Glennon is your Bledsoe.  I can respect the loyalty you have toward your man.  It's cute in your case.  In  Calico Jack or Hayseed case however it just kind of creepy.

Number one, my opinion of Mike as a QB has nothing to do with me being female. Number two, I would never abandon the Bucs for another team. Number three, Mike is still on the Bucs and many had him gone last season with so many QBs available in the 2014 draft. He will be back even if they do take a QB #1. Let the rookie battle it out with him in camp. I just hope we can fix the o-line and find an OC who knows how to game plan against NFL defenses.

Have Glennon start the 2015 season, bring the new guy along slowly.

I will take this. Mike gets his shot and has his chance to run with it. Just please fix that o-line.

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