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And idiots still want us for to trade for him now.

I still think he can be good. But yeah, from what little I saw of it, he looked bad.Gotta give him a few more games though. If freeman and Glennon get years...,right?

His game today looked just like how he looked against LSU... He doesn't have the tools or brains for the game. NFL defenses are going to eat him alive.

A game where his thumb was basically dislocated.The Browns passing offense hasn't produced a touchdown in 4 weeks so to pin the issues all on Johnny isn't fair.

He was just as garbage with a good thumb. He doesn't have the tools to play against NFL defenses.

Mike Florio reported that the Bengals went back and watched the last 2 years he played LSU as a way to see how to defend him and literally took John Chavis' gameplan and used it against him with better athletes

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