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He was pretty awful in his debut. The entire team was awful though. He definitely didn't get any help from anyone. Pass rushers where hitting him before he could even hand the ball off and there were some bad drops by his receivers. Defense looked bored and uninterested. Today's game was a must win for Cleveland to stay in the playoff race...and yet they looked completely uninspired. Also a curious to decision to debut Manziel in a late season must win game with the playoffs on the line. Anyways, he looked bad but it's ridiculous to say he will have an awful career from one game. Peyton Manning had 3 TDs and 11 Interceptions in his first four games. He turned out ok.

your point about Manning is true but he had some traits that Manziel doesn't possess. im not saying he dumb or anything but he doesn't have the football mind that Manning did when he was a rookie. Manning also had the ideal NFL skillset and size. Manziel's height will be a problem for him and his arm isn't nearly as good as Manning's

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