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It was one game. It was a drop in the bucket of his career. That being said nothing I saw surprised me. He looked very much like the college QB i saw at A&M. Looked antsy to uncomfortable in the pocket, bailed out too early at times, struggled seeing the middle of the field due to height issues and made desperation “throw the ball up” throws.The difference is the defense contains 11 NFL players, not 3 or 4 and he doesn't have Mike Evans to bail him out and now the DE are as fast as he is.He needs to progress as a pocket passer before he'll become effective as an improvisor again. People aren't going to rush him because they know he'll leave the pocket. If he can force the defense to start rushing him because he is effective passing from the pocket, those scrambling plays will open back up.Like I said last year, he has a long way to go. He is very much a project QB and no one wanted to hear it because of some insane notion that he had "swag" and was just a "winner". I hope he plays the year out, he is interesting to watch.

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