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We have no patience any more as a culture, especially with QBs. I could care less about Manziel, but you just can't know how good a QB will be until the middle to end of year 2. The pro game is lightning fast and college kids just can't prepare for that kind of speed and defensive complexity.My post is less about Johnny Football (personally, can't stand him) and more about whatever QB we take this year. We have GOT to have some patience. I don't think Glennon truly got a fair shot, but he at least had almost a full season worth of games. Another year and we will have an accurate assessment of what he is. He won't get it, but he should have.

I do agree that you can't really have any idea of how good a QB will be until they've had at least two years, but I'm not convinced that's entirely contingent on a player actually being the starter for the entirety of those two years.  I feel like people undersell the value of young players being in an NFL system even if they're holding the clipboard on Sundays.

You're right, except the clipboard doesn't tell you how fast JJ Watt gets to your blind side, or how your LG drops back further than expected, or how quickly Sherman closes in on the WR.I am with you, though. Sitting the first year and then starting year two would do a world of good and set them up for success. Throwing to the wolves may be the option du jour, but I am not certain it's the best.

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