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We have no patience any more as a culture, especially with QBs. I could care less about Manziel, but you just can't know how good a QB will be until the middle to end of year 2. The pro game is lightning fast and college kids just can't prepare for that kind of speed and defensive complexity.My post is less about Johnny Football (personally, can't stand him) and more about whatever QB we take this year. We have GOT to have some patience. I don't think Glennon truly got a fair shot, but he at least had almost a full season worth of games. Another year and we will have an accurate assessment of what he is. He won't get it, but he should have.If we take Mariota or, god forbid, Winston, we have to give them AT LEAST two full season to asses their true capabilities. Both will suck hard the first year. The best way to judge them will be to see if they get better each game. Maybe Manziel will, and maybe he won't. But one game is not enough to know with any sane certainty.

Most people that troll these boards are unable to wait patiently for anything. I agree 100% with you about Glennon and I even posted something similar about whoever we draft. I'd argue we need 3 years to really get a full understanding. Some people have things click where they just get it now. Lovie failed, hard, at many things this year. I believe the thing he failed the most at was also the thing we need the most to win, the QB position. If you wanted McCown in here to help tutor Glennon, fine. Mike should have been the unquestioned starter and got the entire year. That way we would have a good idea or at least a better idea of what he would be. Instead what we got was 4 games behind a horrific offensive line with no game plan and seemingly no identity. I hope we trade Glennon for his sake, his time in Tampa is over because he couldn't win, not that anyone would have. When Mariota strolls into town, it's his team for at least 3 years or this spiral of draft and cut QBs will continue. No young QB would have success this year, period. We need patience, we need a plan and we need to be able to stick to it.

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