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He's gotta start now. There was no going back once you started him. You have to let the kid flame out or improve. There is no more benching him and letting him try to learn and improve. It's yet another reason why you don't let fans pressure franchises into decisions. Period. JFF plays when he's the best option for the Browns, not when Hoyer has a rough streak and you throw him in before he's ready and hope that he pulls off a miracle somehow. even though he's shown you nothing that would suggest its a possibility.This is not on JFF. This is on the coaching staff for making a bad decision and putting a player in who isn't ready.

Problem is that by most accounts it's not so much the fans as it is Jimmy Haslem. I was largely positive on Johnny Manziel in the draft, and hope he turns out (because he was fun to watch in college). But that was a horror-show:(Football Outsiders): Since 1999, list of QBs who have starts with under 100 yards, adjusted yards per attempt under 4 and two interceptions:Mike Glennon, Blaine Gabbert, Max Hall, Luke McCown, JaMarcus Russell, Henry Burris (?), David Carr, Quincy Carter, Brodie Croyle, Randy Fasani (?), Josh Freeman, Jeff Garcia, David Garrard, Mike Kafka, Kurt Kittner, Eli Manning, Cody Pickett, Akili Smith, Alex Smith, Anthony Wright.These guys are not all terrible, but there is a pretty high terribleness ratio in that group.

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