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This is exactly how many pictured Manziel playing when he hit the NFL. It could get better, but I wouldn't put too much hope in him being even an average QB.

Agree.  So what do they do this offseason?  Resign Hoyer? I believe he is 30 now, or close to it?  Park Johnny on the bench for a season or two? Try to trade Johnny and recoup at least some of their cost to get him?Sign a big name free agent QB?Draft a QB with their first round pick two years in a row?It will be an interesting offseason for them.

how is this even a question?  you think they're ready to give up on jff after one game?  give me a break.hoyer walksmanziel starts at qb next season"trade him to recoup their cost" ... after 1 game? what a joke

Ya I agree, he was quite the joke of the league today.  Hell, the officials had to start flagging Bengals for doing the money sign after every JFF screwup.I doubt Johnny even starts their next game Sunday. I believe they are still in the playoff chase?He sat until week 14, behind the greatness that is Brian Hoyer?  But you are ready to proclaim him the 2015 starting QB?

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