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The wild days of the Dawg Pound have passed. And the did a lot of stupid things. For the most part all of that went away long ago.  As for as the 2001 incident - I would offer Cleveland isn't alone in such reactions.  Maybe you will recall the loss of the franchise when Modell moved them overnight to Baltimore, and the new award of the franchise and the return of Browns fans.  Thanks for the condolences - but it really was a great time to be in the area when I lived there.

The ownership has taken steps to avoid the embarrassment of the behavior from that group of idiots being concentrated in one region.  Cleveland fans are still very much the same, better than Philly fans, but below Raider fans in the spectrum of class.  Having witnessed their fans at both home and away games, I can attest to them being, as a group, one of the the most foul of fan bases.  When they have mattered at all, the Browns are a group that unfortunately embraces the bad reputation they have earned.I'm glad you enjoyed your time in the area.  I hear some people really liked New Coke too.  Just kidding.

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