Re: Re: Josh McCown not ready to retire


I'm cool about it if he doesn't retire. Good for him.However, he had better not be starting for our team next year if he Glazers want my money.

How about if Winston/Mariota are sitting there learning the offense while McCown starts the season?

No. Because you are hurting their development by giving them second team reps.Then you are putting them out there, by three?You draft them, you believe in them and start them, with all the practice you can give in the meantime.

I hear ya, but delaying their debut would give the new O-line a chance to gel also.

Have they gotten better at all this season??Not dismissing your claim, but they had a whole season to iron out the kinks, and man..they sucked. Do you really believe the can improve without another overhaul? I think it would be just as bad as it has been.Warhop can only own some of that blame. Can't blame him for linemen being completely bowled over, or ran around. Physically, and maybe mentally, they are being beat. We hopefully bring in a better guy than warhop, but I'm doubtful that they get it turned around before midway of next year. Especially if the players aren't adjusted properly, or enough upturn is made, regarding where everyone sits at the line.Here's to hoping lovie (or, hopefully, whoever else) drafts qb #1, then ol, ol, ol, ol, ol, etc.

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