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Living in Houston, I can tell you that this is not happening.

How do the fans seem to weigh in? 60/40? And why?(If you don't mind me picking your brain).

I would say it is 85- NO 15- YES.  The 15% yes are all ATM alumni that cant seem to let college go (we get that a ton with UT and ATM).  Most fans see the second coming of VY and think he is over hyped.  Texans fans threw a hissy fit when they selected Mario Williamson but now you can't find anyone who thought VY was even a first round pick back in that draft.IMO he was a great college player but it will be tough for his game to translate into the NFL.  What do I know though, last year I was saying he is not even worth drafting in the 7th round and now he is going #1? 

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