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Everything about lovie is a lie. His so called change, how HE wanted to sit out a year, Glennon is the future, etc, etc.He was lucky he had the team he did in Chicago. Unfortunately for them, he probably held them back, more than helped. There is a good reason why DA bears ownership didn't want lovie having full control,and we have seen why.He tore up the roster, just to place expensively bad players in their place. Quite a coincidence that most schiano/raheem players got canned, then went elsewhere to make careers for themselves. Revis, zuttah, Penn, and wright have all played better than their replacements here have.We haven't even talked about scheme either. Which IS outdated, not to mention, boring as hell. HIS offense, not Telford's. Boring just like the bears offense was. Then we talk about his defense, where he should concentrate his efforts. Well, he JUST got beaten by a washed up backup qb for the second time. That does NOT indicate ANY type of improvement. It means its the same defense as the first Carolina game, where we were at home.It is NOT justified to use the term continuity, as no one in their right mind should believe it would get much better, or should want this tyoe of continuation. Might as well hire a person to fart in your face, and ask them to keep doing it.His inability to change, or his ego, or both, will be doom for the bucs. And IF the glazers keep him next season, it will get worse and the next hc will have to clean up two years of fa/draft/scheme blunders.Firing him now is benifitial, and definitely needs to be considered by the Glazers. One more year of this crap, might just lead to four more years of rebuilding.

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