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Lovie has no choice but to pick a QB if we have the number 1 pick. Licht is the GM anyway so its not like he doesnt exist. Licht is the one drafting in my opinion. I know lovie can overrule him but if he tries to overrule him on taking a QB then I think that conversation will go right to the owners office. So dont worry about lovie drafting at pick 1. Now fixing the offense is another story. If we take Mariota, then we better hope this new OC is real good and has full control.

Agree 100%Even if Lovie is lukewarm on selecting a QB #1, the Glazers will step in and "encourage" him to make the selection.

The minute Lovie passes on a QB number one overall with 2 worthy guys available, is when the countdown to the end of his head coaching career starts.Unless he pulls a diamond QB from his ass, he won't be able to survive that.

I don't believe it gets too that point.  The Glazers will make sure one of them is drafted #1.

Then good.

I believe that 100%.  No way the Glazers let this opportunity slip by. Fans like to rip them every step of the way. But like it or not, they are big time businessmen, and know what they need to do to sell tickets. Which is the bottom line for them.Now if Lovie owned the team? Different story.

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