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I could see him draft a DT, then sign Brian Hoyer. I do agree that if he passes on the QB and we witness this hot mess on offense again next year, there is no way he makes it past next season as HC.But firmly believe he should not be here next year and will not draft a QB with our 1st round pick, unfortunately.

The Glazers will not allow that to happen.  IMO

I hope you are right. I also think that if I owned the franchise, I wouldn't allow that to happen either. However, I could see understand somebody making an argument for hiring a coach/gm and letting them coach/gm. Just have a bad feeling, hoping to be wrong.

With fan interest approaching all time lows, I don't see how the Glazers will NOT make sure a QB is the #1 pick.  I just can't see it.

I sincerely believe Lovie will trade back, and start Glennon next year. Do we need to draft QB? Yes.Will we? Not with Lovie as HC.Like I said, if the Glazers are smart they will ax him now, he will screw this whole thing up.

If Lovie is the coach next year i believe he will make the right decision on draft day. It's obviously understandable to think he will screw it up. Last year though, i think most of us will admit that he made the correct call in round 1. It was an obvious pick that was hard to screw up, even for Lovie. Taking a qb next year is as obvious a pick, if not more so, than last year. Everyone knows McCown is trash, and if he really liked Glennon he would be playing him. Unless we make some move in free agency, its obvious we will take a QB, with or without Lovie at the helm, IMO.

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