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Some of you act like the Glazers are going to “save” you from lovie.That right there tells me a couple of things. 1. Lovie should just be fired. Why in the Detroit fans butthole would you want a hc that you're having to force to make the smartest play? If he can't figure that out, he shouldn't be coaching anyway.2. Some have a wacky view of the Glazers. They don't do anything but cash checks and fire/hire a new hc once in awhile. They really do have little involvement inside the team structure. They could have forced him upon his contract signing to draft one, did they? They settled for mccown too?? Yeah...even IF they do force him to draft a qb, what makes anyone trust their judgment? I can only smh at that whole situation, whether or not they are active or not.They need to wipe the slate clean again and start with a college OHC, or a OC from the NFL, who will naturally draft their qb. That way, there is much less friction and its someone the hc actually wants around. Lovie is happy with mccown still, so he has no clue what a good qb is, or how to use them.

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