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Bevell reminds me of Bruce Arians in the fact that everyone thought it was more Big Ben and a great Pittsburgh defense that made those teams great when he was OC.  It wasn't until he had to be interim HC in Indy that showed he really was a good/great coach.  Bevell, IMO, is in the same boat.  His coaching skills are getting masked by a great Seattle defense and Wilson.  Whoever gives him the chance to be a HC, I think he'll be a great hire.

Well, hopefully after the playoffs are over, the Glazers take a long hard look at the fact that Lovie made a 4-12 team worse (not to mention seeing the playoffs 1 time in the last 7 years he's coached), and Bevell has helped the Vikings get to the NFC championship before bountygate,  and the Seahawks get to the playoffs and win a SuperBowl.

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