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And with each story that comes out about him it makes those who labeled him as a thug look dumber by the minute.

Yes and no. He's a good guy off the field and acts like a thug on the field (for entertainment). Everyone is right on this subject.

No he doesn't. Courtland Finnegan would be a "thug" on the field before him. Those people were completely offbase

His own dad said:"Kevin Sherman said his son is simply "portraying a personality" when he steps onto the field, and that he would not be as good a player were he to suppress that."

Where does it say "thug"? I must be overlooking that part....

It says "personality" which his son choose 'thug'. You are indeed overlooking that part...

I'm not overlooking. I'm still searching for where either Sherman or his dad says he's being a thug. Richard Sherman looks crazy if he's now saying don't label him as a thug but at the same time saying he's a thug on the field. Show me where he says he's being a thug.

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