Re: Re: Koetter: Dotson to start at RT during offseason workouts


The silly assumption is that Lovie is overrule his OC and OL coach to put a player in his "doghouse".

Is it also silly to assume Riverboat Lovie would overrule his DC and DB coach to play or not play certain CB's?  Or is the silly assumption limited to offensive players only?

Do you have any evidence he overruled his DB coach?  Couldn't really overrule the DC as  he was the DC.

While he didn't call the plays this season, I would guess Leslie Frasier was being paid for some reason.As far as evidence, do I really need to explain the HC has final say on who does and doesn't start for his football team?

What a dumb argument.  You're not responding to anything I've written, instead you're just making up straw men.As I said way back in the original thread on this topic, there's no evidence that Lovie is overruling his OC or OL coach to bench a player for being in his "doghouse".  Without evidence it's sophomoric.  No one has produced any evidence and there's no evidence here.

What evidence do you require?  A notarized document of some sort?The evidence is clear to damn near everybody else that's paying attention.

Instead, we have Koetter going on record that Dotson wasn't healthy last year and that's why he didn't start.  Who woulda thunk it, a rational reason for why Dotson was benched last year?

Of course Dotson didn't start when he was injured.  Nobody is disputing that. What's in question is when Dotson returned from injury and played well when filling in for Cherilus when he was injured.  Cherilus was given the starts when he returned from injuryLovie Smith as Head Coach with both Dotson & Cherilus healthy - Cherilus is the starterDirk Koetter as Head Coach with both Dotson & Cherilus healthy - Dotson is the starterAnd you need more evidence?

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