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I’m going to say this once.  1) Up until this point there was zero evidence that Lovie overruled Koetter and Warhop.  It was driven conspiracy theorists who hated Lovie and wished to blame him for everything.  It was (and still is) possible that Lovie did so but it is unlikely without evidence.2) There is now a little bit of information that Warhop may have been overruled by Lovie.Unfortunately, Dotson's statements don't say what some are inferring.  We already knew that, according to Dotson, Lovie told him he wouldn't lose his job to injury.  Dotson then lost his job to injury.  It's always been very likely Dotson was telling the truth about Lovie lying.In this Fab 5, Dotson is saying that Warhop told him, from LOVIE, that he's the starter.  To follow some posters logic, do we believe that Lovie is setting the entire offensive lineup and communicating it through his position coaches? Of course not.  Dotson is referring to Warhop talking about not losing his job to injury not to Lovie setting the OL lineup.  This is what Dotson said previously and again in this Fab 5 has been critical of Lovie for. Lovie then reversed course and replaced Dotson because of injury.  This fits with what Koetter said (Dotson wasn't starting because of injury).Plus, Dotson still isn't 100% healthy.  He hopes to be healthy by training camp. We know that in the game he started after his injury, he was struggling with conditioning and his level of play.  Timeline: Doston gets injured.  Lovie (via Warhop) tells him he is still the starter while injured. Dotson misses 8 games. Dotson is able to play Week 10 but is not 100%. Lovie (via Warhop) tells him he is no longer the starter.  Dotson starts Week 13 but is not fully healthy and struggles with conditioning (having not played in a game in 13 weeks).  He sits another couple weeks and starts the last two games of the season.Seems pretty reasonable to me.  At no point does Lovie overrule Warhop (or Koetter) other than to break his promise to Dotson (and Warhop) that Dotson wouldn't lose his job due to injury.