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he obviously is an incredible talent who isn't in professional shape and doesnt have a totally professional attitude right now. No way should he be puking on the sidelines every game. You think Randy Moss did that crap? I like Evans a lot, but I hear hes out late drinking during the seaosn often. Hes still pretty much a good person Im not trying to discredit his character, and he'll still be a pretty much a top play maker for us if he continues his current course but he definitely could be a hall of fame WR if he took things as seriously as Vjax.

Mike is married and doesn't go out partying with the fellas. They just got married in Feb, but they have been together for a long time.This is his wife Ashley. 25889732812_f05fe47d5b_z.jpgmike-evans-wife-ashli-dotson-photos by anti java, on Flickr

The wedding was Harry Potterific. . . .

And yes, you know who was there. Upper right corner of this pic. He looks sloshed.26010681005_ba4436135a_z.jpgjff by anti java, on Flickr

OMG! I didn't know Hate was friends with Evans.  ;D