Re: Re: Koetter: Evans needs to improve his work ethic


Dang, coach calling out Evans about his work ethic... Could Evans be one of the guys Winston was referring to last year as well?

someone on this very board(me) pointed out previously that the guy comes across as lazy and caught a lil heat for it. Seems coach might agree with me. ASJ is far worse.

I think he relies on natural talent. And that has worked all his life. But there is more to it than that, at this level. He needs to play the game. By that I mean don't show up the officials EVERY play. If you don't get the call, jog back to the huddle.

It would be wise for a little V-Jax to rub off on him. He needs to shadow V-Jax the entire season so he can learn how to be a pro.

Its just a maturity thing IMO. You cant win those battles with the zebras. Don't even try. Shake there hand before the game, say hows the family? Everything good?Then go to work and don't say a thing to them the entire game.

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