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I think as usual, this thread has gone a somewhat full tilt.  I think many are taking the comments a little too far.

Maybe.  Two years ago  I was blasted for pointing out how Evans was too often getting away with illegal contact/separation and wondered how long that would last.  Not long.  Teams have obviously pointed this out to the officials, garnering himself a reputation.  Throw in the league leading whining per play and you've got a problem.  Loads of talent.  As you say room for maturity ( I say  that's a major understatement).  Got married, now have some kids.  Sometimes that helps.  Work ethic I wasn't aware of but the drops, whining, and illegal hand use is well known.I wouldn't say he's currently a "90".  Two years ago I said I would have taken Aaron Donald.  Could have been wrong.  So far, it's not a close contest.  Just my opinion.