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I worry about this too. He has tons of talent which intrigues me but I worry he is just going to get bullied if he is our every down DE.

Man if the Bucs were lining up against him, I'd run right at him every time. I'm confident anyone on our line could handle him 1 on 1. He might be able to beat the tackles on a speed rush on passing down, but I doubt he could anchor and stop a run. Also now that I'm thinking of it, we're going to have 3 of the most athletic interior lineman I can remember us having. Hawley, Marpet and Sweezy are all athletic and nasty run blockers. The pulling guard tandem of Sweezy/Marpet is awesome. And now you put JR Sweezy next to BIGASS Donovan Smith and you got some push over there. BOOM. Sorry to derail a bit. Got excited thinking about OL haha.

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