Re: Re: Lavonte David Snubbed for Pro Bowl again ….


Lavonte David had one of the GREATEST years last year as a linebacker.  Yes he was even in discussion for defensive player of the year.  I mean he was absolutely EVERYWHERE on the football field – dude had awesome numbers for a LB which included INTs, sacks, TFLs, and tackles.  Football personnel and players recognized this even though fans across the country did not and that is why he made all-pro last year even though he didn’t make the pro bowl.  In my opinion, LD is not even close to where he was last year.This year, LD is pretty much a glorified tackler.  He's told not to rush the QB.  He's not in position to make those INTs.  Basically, he's a glorified tackler.  This might sound like heresy, but LD looked better in his 2nd year in the NFL than Brooks did at any point in his NFL career.  I've watched a lot of Bucs and LD last year was off the chain.  This year, he's not the same.  Idk that just my opinion.LD is super fast and has great instincts but Lovie isn't utilizing him in a manner that allows him to excel.  But hey we're a bend but don't break defense right?  lol.

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