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Ah ok. Didn't know this was his first year. Still....19th ranked offense isn't anything to be overly excited about and the little I have watched of the Dolphins, they don't look exciting or innovative. What is it about him that we want? What does he do that would bring something new and exciting to Tampa? I'm asking cause I don't know jack about the guy.

He noticed Tannehill doesn't throw the deep ball well so he went away from it. He recognized Tannehill is a limited passer but good athlete so he's being using the read option. He has Tannehill completing 70% of his passes for a good stretch of the season. He calls plays to the QBs strengths. He uses Lamar Miller to best of his abilities because he's not a true workhouse and he's been moving Jarvis Landry around to create favorable matchups. I like Bill Lazor.

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