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People have short memories here. Schiano interviewed him to be either QB coach or OC; he reportedly turned the Bucs down and stayed at UVA. I don’t remember anyone here being particularly excited about him at the time. He was ok at UVA (offensive coordinator), and before that was a QB coach with the Skins (Gibbs 2) and Seahawks (Holmgren and Mora Jr.). He joined Kelly last year in Philly. Apropos of the article linked by Bradentonian, Philben is not respected. However, players don't seem to be all that excited about Lazor either.Jeff Darlington,"During involved conversations with four players (and text exchanges with multiple others), all parties made it clear that Lazor's relationship with the players is currently rocky. His abrasive tenor with several starters has worn thin on some, and an inconsistent identity on offense is internally magnifying the issue.It is a delicate situation -- and Lazor doesn't necessarily deserve blame, especially since he should have the benefit of patience as he learns his new role. After all, the debate can go either way.Is it a problem that Mike Wallace is now being utilized less as a deep threat and more as an intermediate receiver if that's currently the most efficient way to get him involved? Is it a problem that Lazor and head coach Joe Philbin don't give Tannehill any freedom to audible at the line of scrimmage if Tannehill seems to be playing the best football of his career?There are no exact answers to such questions, but there will no doubt be opinions from those within the locker room if the plan doesn't yield appropriate results. That is the risk when a staff limits the value of player feedback. But the Dolphins' coaches also seemingly recognize the potential reward if they can make it work. Win games, and you'll win the players' trust.In other words, the inconsistency of this team isn't simply affecting the stress level of the fan base; it is also impacting the dynamics within the Dolphins' organization. And with the futures of so many (from pending free agents on offense and defense to players with big salaries to coaches and management) remaining in flux, that can be a very fragile state to be in."

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