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Seriously, do people have no imagination?Everyone seems so focused on bringing people back from the past.There are other people out there that have never worked for the Bucs you know.Monte Kiffin? Have you not seen the results his defenses have had since he quit the Bucs?

What college and one year in Dallas with personnel that don't fit his scheme?It isn't lack of imagination, it's the fact that the next HC is more than likely a Monte disciple and someone who will implement his defensive schemes. Why wouldn't you want the guru if that's the case?

I wouldn't want the guru because this is an offensive league.We're looking at people on the defensive side that made their names over a decade ago and expecting that to work now in a league where there seems to be multiple 5000 yard passers every year and offensive records are tumbling aon seemingly a weekly basis.We need offense not some out dated defensive mind.

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