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(EDIT: this post was made before i saw the others and is out of date, my bad.) I believe involving God in everything can never hurt. Yes, it is unlikely to think that God would care about football, but that in itself isn't the point. Letting him control things never hurts, no matter what it is. This draft was gibing me a lot of stress, so I just said, "Lord, take the stress away and let this play our for me the way you think it should, if it is your will"And i'm not stressed anymore.But back on topic, please. I didn't want ehat I posted to hijack things.I give praise to Jesus in all things great and small. That's just me. I know because of what I went through this week with a death in the family and my mothers possible cancer that the prayer I had has given me peace of mind. That's all.

First of all I am deeply sorry about your mother. But if god doesn’t care about starving kids in Africa or little kids being molested and abused, I highly doubt he gives a flying f about football.

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