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Escobar is melting down on one thread after another today. Geez dude, not the place. Most of us come here to avoid the crap like political debates and racism talk. Complaining about our Bucs is the one thing that unites us. Take this to another board please. Raheem sucked, Schiano sucked, I'm still holding reservation on judging Lovie here for a while longer.

You sound like you come here to converse with people just as naive as yourself, if I'm being honest. There was a discussion about how one coach was treated compared to another, I'm offering my opinion on why that is. Telling me to "go to another board" because you don't agree with my opinion sounds awfully "progressive" of you.I couldn't care less if you agree with my opinion, it's what I think so it's what you're going to read. Stop being naive.

Leave the race card out of it. Silly. The "media" hosting the show works for the Bucs. What do you expect? And Greg never backed down from criticism. Regardless of what you think of him as a coach, he actually wanted to debate and explain what he felt was misinformation from time to time. One reason he went on with Duemig late last year.

Exactly this is why I'm not totally sure what escobars point was. Sounds like their is some underlying issue that he has regarding race. I'm talking about football of why does lovie come up and get softball questions on his show but schiano let actual callers get three and face it like a man. Lovie is a veteran he should be able to handle it. Mark what's ur view on why lovie is getting softball type questions at his press conferences? Why aren't the hard questions being asked? Because even at his press conferences if seems the same dumb things are being asked?

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