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Exactly this is why I'm not totally sure what escobars point was. Sounds like their is some underlying issue that he has regarding race. I'm talking about football of why does lovie come up and get softball questions on his show but schiano let actual callers get three and face it like a man. Lovie is a veteran he should be able to handle it. Mark what's ur view on why lovie is getting softball type questions at his press conferences? Why aren't the hard questions being asked? Because even at his press conferences if seems the same dumb things are being asked?

I will hand it to Schiano.  He had some very difficult calls on his show attacking him directly about difficult topics.  I've never heard those kind of calls on other coaches shows.  They normally filter all calls to see what will be asked before they allow people on the air.  I think Schiano told them to take off the filter.  I remember one time on the Ray Perkins TV show, some guy called in and said "Ray, you have already proven that you are a loser.  When are you going to step aside and let someone come in here that knows what they are doing?"    The look on Perkins face was total shock.  It was hilarious.  He didn't get a chance to answer the question because the moderator stepped in.  Turns out that he told the TV guys he was going to ask something else, but then he attacked Perkins instead.  Classic.  Schiano took some similar calls and handled them like a champ.  Lovie gets nothing but softballs.

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