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In America we treat black men and women with kid gloves. That's all that needs to be said.If you don't agree, give me one good reason for the difference in treatment when Lovie's team is performing far worse.

Calm down there bro.your talking to a black man here and I've never been treating with kid gloves a day in my life. This is about football nothing to do about America which is not true. This has to do with want to obviously lovie didn't want any tough questions on his show and no fan interaction if not screened first. Doesn't have (censored) to do with America or your perceived black and white notions.

I meant publicly. They don't let fans "nearly curse him out" because they don't want it to come across as racist. Schiano was white, so even though he was getting better performance out of the team than Lovie is, it was pretty much anything goes. They have sponsors to think about. I'm confident this is at least part of the reason.

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