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MC - based on the below it would appear that he is never coming back! Not this year and not next year. Which would lead me to believe that there was more to this than just Tedfords heart condition and speaks more to a possible riff between Lovie and Tedford over philosophy and or personnel more than anything....“We talked about and I told you the plan with Jeff – we’re moving on like he won’t be with us anymore and that will be the case,” Smith said. “Our offensive team has done [well]. The offensive production wasn’t good yesterday, but before that, in the previous two games, it’s been pretty good. We’re looking at all areas, but that probably won’t be one of them.”

You have to wonder if there were signs of this with the draft.  The Bucs drafted players that didn't seem to match the type of offence Tedford wanted to run.  There just seemed such a big disconnect between what we were hearing and who they were acquiring.

bucjoe wrote:
Also, these statements I have have read on here that it takes two years to learn this defense are, IMO, absolute BALONEY!! Yes, under Dungy the team started slowly and IIRC, the Bucs lost the first five game then started,to,get better, but I don't remember the defense playing this poorly. It's been a long time but it seems to me that they won 4 or5 games down the stretch. Again, it's been a long time but didn't they win about the first 5 games in a row the next season.Bucjoe, I posted here about how the "It takes time to learn the defence" is complete garbage:,1319453.0.html

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