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Lovie initially came with the caveat of needing a real OC who is modern and creative. Lack of offense is what got him fired in Chicago. Yet here we are with Lovie as the headcoach an actually no OC at all. Thats great. The offense is about as bad youd expect from a lovie smith team with no real OC position being manned, and defense is even worse than the offense. So what currently makes Lovie a decent coach? Nothing really. The real bad thing is we're stuck with being bad for a long time. EVen if the players to learn what to do more, the defense is still going to suck until the passrush gets better. The pass rush is not going to get better anytime soon, unless you neglect to use key resources (1st and 2nd round picks) on what is currently one of the worst Olines in the league. Youd also have to ingore QB as a first round pick if you wanted to seriously address either of those.  The only thing that could make this a quicker recovery is by firing lovie after one year, brining in a 3-4 defense and drafting Gregory to play DE in the 3-4, Oline the rest of the way and continue with Glennon. None of that is going to happen. Id love to think Mariota would magically solve all the problems but it wouldnt even be close.

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