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Yes, but look what Seattle's defense did the best pocket passer in the Super Bowl.  The game is changing towards more mobile QBs.  I'm not saying they need to get a "running" QB, but they need someone more mobile than Glennon.  Hell, even McCown is more mobile than Glennon.  Would make sense to get one this year.  My hope is they get either Carr or Jimmy G tonight and trade Glennon for a 3rd or 4th. ]The game is never changing to mobile QBs.  Watch football, dont listen to analysts.  While athleticism is preferred it's much better to have a QB with pocket presence.  It's why Manziel will need two years of learning before he is really ready to play.  It's why he couldn't be our choice at #7.

I do watch football.  I watched a mobile QB who moves the pocket where he wants it to be win the Super Bowl, and the traditional pocket QB get rattled and destroyed.  I watched 3 QBs who are known for not just their arm but ability to move outside the pocket be taken in the first round.  I watched where NO running back was taken at all in the first round because teams are changing toward a passing game and QBs as running threats when needed.  Glennon is not that threat and never will be.  Hell, he can't even roll left. 

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