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Fans were angered by the previous regime so everything they did was trash.  Glennon is a work in progress that has tremendous upside given his accuracy.  Accuracy is something that is hard to improve upon but offensive schemes are something that a QB can get better at with hard work.  Glennon is going to be very good, very soon.

what accuracy? Below are the QBs that completed over 60% of their passes last year. Glennon is noticeably absent.1 Philip Rivers, QB SD 2 Drew Brees, QB NO 3 Peyton Manning, QB DEN 4 Matt Ryan, QB ATL 5 Aaron Rodgers, QB GB 6 Josh McCown, QB CHI 7 Ben Roethlisberger, QB PIT8 Nick Foles, QB PHI 9 Tony Romo, QB DAL 10 Christian Ponder, QB MIN 11 Carson Palmer, QB ARI 12 Russell Wilson, QB SEA  13 Jay Cutler, QB CHI 14 Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB TEN  15 Andy Dalton, QB CIN  16 Cam Newton, QB CAR  17 Matt Schaub, QB HOU  18 Sam Bradford, QB STL 19 Chad Henne, QB JAX  20 Alex Smith, QB KC  21 Tom Brady, QB NE  22 Ryan Tannehill, QB MIA 23 Matt Cassel, QB MIN  24 Andrew Luck, QB IND 25 Robert Griffin III, QB

While I agree with the sentiment of disagreeing that Glennon is "tremendously accurate"...completion rate is hardly a good tool to show accuracy.Many things contribute to completions/incompletions. QBs throwing the ball away to avoid a sack is usually looked at as a positive play. That certainly doesn't help completion %. Playing from behind and taking chances in tight coverage also can negatively affect this %. There are so many factors, and not every QB sees a level playing field. It varies team to team, QB to QB, system to system, scheme to scheme.

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