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Some people bag on Glennon like he's going in to his 5th year and had everything he needed to succeed laid out right in front of him but still doesn't get it.They can't accept the fact that he was a rookie that was in a horrible situation between coaching, scheme, and injuries.

I can't speak for everyone else, but I don't just randomly post about how much Glennon sucks just for the fun of it. I merely respond with statistical evidence why he sucks, refuting others who post how great he is based on inaccurate information. And once again, it certainly appears Lovie and Licht feel comfortable blaming him for being bad since they brought in someone else to replace him.

I am on the fence about Glennon, but a new head coach bringing in his veteran QB to start over a rookie 3rd round QB = head coach thinks rookie QB is "bad"?? At best all that means is they are not  yet sold he is great and all things being equal a new HC is going to go his own veteran over rookie and his guy over some other coach's guy etc.

Of course it means they're not sold yet. If Chuck Pagano got fired tomorrow, the new coach wouldn't bring in Matt Cassell to start so he could further develop Andrew Luck while he holds a clip board. The new coach would say, "Holy crap I just hit the jackpot I get to coach Andrew Luck!!!!!!!"

FRG, you first suggested Lovie bringing in McCown was proof that Lovie thought McCown was "bad." That's probably overstating things, which is I guess why you switched to "not sold yet," but what's up with comparing Pagano/Luck to Schiano/Glennon?  Luck is a supposed once in a generation QB . . . . . I am sure Lovie does NOT think Glennon is Luck . . . just as sure as water is wet . . .  so what was your point? Glennon is no Luck?  Yeah, so .. .

Fine. Forget that I said "bad". All that matters is if he is good enough. As for the Luck comparison, just try and think how many times a new coach comes into a team with a young QB who has a decent amount of game experience, the coach immediately brings in a veteran QB and names him the starter, and then he develops the young QB in the background to be a successful starter down the road? That's not the way it works. If a new coach goes to a team with a young QB and he likes that QB, he plays that QB. He doesn't bring in someone else.

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