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We are in no way "good with the QBs we have now"I'd struggle to name 4 or 5 teams with a worse situation and that's not good IMO.

Lovie stated that our QB situation is as strong as any he's ever been around. While you and I clearly don't buy it, his opinion is the only one that matters.

Lovie is clearly talking BS, nobody (other than blind Glennon homers) is going to believe he thinks that when Lovie spent 3 years on the Rams staff and Kurt Warner was there along with Marc Bulger., both of whom are clearly better than anyone on our roster.

Your hatred for Glennon has clouded your logic.  Anyone with any access to Glennon knows he set rookie records last year with talent and hardwork.  Turining the page on him after last season's rookie performance is how you get fired early.  It was evident shortly after Lovie got here that we were never going to draft a QB early in this draft.

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