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I am not a fan of looking at completion percentage when it comes to QB's given how offensive scheme can skew this.  So, TD/INT ratio, amount of sacks/fumbles, and YPA are better gauges for QB play.A lot of the sacks/fumbles by Glennon were rookie mistakes and the fact that Davin Joseph was arguably worse than Oniel Cousins (and Cousins was really bad last year).  But he has to clean up his pocket awareness, speed up his progressions and I think he is a much improved QB as a result.  The YAC or chunk plays were not there for Glennon and his 2nd half stats portray a player that was ultra conservative with the exception of the first game against the Cardinals.

He was coached in a very big way to play conservatively by Sullivan via Schiano.  It's a coaching MO that pre-dates the merger.  While I dont fundamentally agree with it, it's not the worst way to treat your rookie QB.  He'll get more comfortable.

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