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I am not a fan of looking at completion percentage when it comes to QB's given how offensive scheme can skew this.  So, TD/INT ratio, amount of sacks/fumbles, and YPA are better gauges for QB play.

Completion % can be skewed by offense but anyone under 60% is problematic. He does need to be more accurate but,magazine rookie accuracy rates tend to be lower than their careers. TD rate is skewed by how often you run in the red zone. INTs are skewed by how often you throw. Both are bad measures. TD there is no good measure really it is a useful proxy as a ratio with INT, thus why QB ratings usually works as a measure.  INT% is a useful figure. Here is is at 2.2% which is the same figure as Russell Wilson and more than half what Geno Smith's is and about 33% better than Manuel's.  Really INT % is fine over the long term where he is. His biggest YPA problem was that no one turned short passes into long passes. When you break his YPC by throw distance his YPC mirrors guys like luck, Rodgers and Brady at every level except for throws under 10 yards where he is by far, over 2 YPC, less than they are.  His percentage of throws under 10 yards isn't actually any higher than that group of QBs.  He dint just dink and dunk as some say but his dinks never became anything more than dinks. His sack percentage is 8.8% which is awful but also unshockingly the guy right behind him is another rookie Geno Smith and 2 spots above him is another rookie Manuel so he is not in that odd a spot.

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