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I am not a fan of looking at completion percentage when it comes to QB's given how offensive scheme can skew this.  So, TD/INT ratio, amount of sacks/fumbles, and YPA are better gauges for QB play.A lot of the sacks/fumbles by Glennon were rookie mistakes and the fact that Davin Joseph was arguably worse than Oniel Cousins (and Cousins was really bad last year).  But he has to clean up his pocket awareness, speed up his progressions and I think he is a much improved QB as a result.  The YAC or chunk plays were not there for Glennon and his 2nd half stats portray a player that was ultra conservative with the exception of the first game against the Cardinals.

I wonder how much of the sack/fumble total was due more to the coaching staff telling Glennon to play safe? IIRC, there was a comment last year about Glennon taking a sack instead of throwing the ball away, and he said he was trying to run off the clock, and Schiano made a comment after that saying it was a smart decision on Glennon's part to do that. --Just wondering if Glennon was coached too far on the "don't turn it over by taking chances" side. Wonder if he will improve on that total with a new coaching staff (provided that he gets on the field soon)

Isn't that pretty much who he was in college, though? His senior season he had a 58.5% completion rate. There's a reason Schiano liked him so much to begin with and in all likelihood it's because he liked the "safe" aspect of his game. It's not like Schiano drafted some playmaking gunslinger of a QB and told him to dial it down. He drafted a smart, conservative passer who would take shots when they were there and throw it away or take a sack when the play wasn't open. This is who he has been his whole life.

On that point, I guess my question is, can he be coached to make quicker decisions/taking a chance without making bad choices resulting in a huge upswing of turnovers.

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