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I am not a fan of looking at completion percentage when it comes to QB's given how offensive scheme can skew this.  So, TD/INT ratio, amount of sacks/fumbles, and YPA are better gauges for QB play.

Completion % can be skewed by offense but anyone under 60% is problematic. He does need to be more accurate but,magazine rookie accuracy rates tend to be lower than their careers. TD rate is skewed by how often you run in the red zone. INTs are skewed by how often you throw. Both are bad measures. TD there is no good measure really it is a useful proxy as a ratio with INT, thus why QB ratings usually works as a measure.  INT% is a useful figure. Here is is at 2.2% which is the same figure as Russell Wilson and more than half what Geno Smith's is and about 33% better than Manuel's.  Really INT % is fine over the long term where he is. His biggest YPA problem was that no one turned short passes into long passes. When you break his YPC by throw distance his YPC mirrors guys like luck, Rodgers and Brady at every level except for throws under 10 yards where he is by far, over 2 YPC, less than they are.  His percentage of throws under 10 yards isn't actually any higher than that group of QBs.  He dint just dink and dunk as some say but his dinks never became anything more than dinks. His sack percentage is 8.8% which is awful but also unshockingly the guy right behind him is another rookie Geno Smith and 2 spots above him is another rookie Manuel so he is not in that odd a spot.

I think the reason his long passing numbers are comparable to good QBs is because when a play is open and has a good chance at success, he's very good at making it happen. The problem is when a play isn't necessarily open but still has a chance, the Bradys and Rodgers of the world will still go for it and make it at a respectable rate where Glennon will throw the ball away or take a sack. That's why his completion percentage is so low. He's not inaccurate when he chooses to throw the ball to a receiver like Freeman was. He's inaccurate because too often he chooses not to throw it to a receiver.

Are you really comparing a rookie QB to a couple of first ballot HOFers with 9 and 14 years of experience?  Why don't we compare Glennon's rookie numbers to Brady's and Rodgers'- oh wait, neither have any.  Glennon's rookie numbers do compare quite well to Brady's 2nd year numbers though.  We'll have to wait a few years before we can compare him to anything Rodgers has done.  I'm not saying he is or will be either of those guys, but he has earned a chance to try IMO.  Besides, you can't sit around and be mad about not having an elite QB.  All 4 of the teams that have one got lucky.

I didn't bring it up. That was the poster above me. I was merely explaining how Brady, Rodgers, and Glennon can apparently compare by one metric, yet Brady and Rodgers are going to the Hall of Fame and Glennon has lead the #32 offense and been benched for a career journeyman.

The problem being with your analysis is that his % of deep passes, actually his % of passes at all levels basically matches the other QB's. He isn't not pulling the trigger at abnormally high rates. Plus, he doesn't throw it away a lot, his sack rate is really high, among the worst in the league.What you are looking at and why the offense was so cumulatively awful is that we were a high variance scheme. We didn't convert efficiency into effectiveness (ie. short passes into long gains) at all. Our YAC was dead last so if we didn't hit a big play we didn't really have anything to fall back on. You can't live on the deep ball in this league, you need cheap yards and we weren't getting that.The strawman of saying Glennon compares to Brady and Rodgers isn't what I said. There is clearly more at work and problematic with Glennon than just his low YPA and the reason for that YPA isn't what people seem to think anyways. He isn't as accurate as people think. He will miss open receivers more than he should, his delivery is slow. He also had some "rookie" on him and he just missed opportunities because he was forcing it to VJax.  I don't think he is Brady or Rodgers. I think he is more Flacco or Eli (and ignore they won super bowls I don't much like either QB) than HoF.

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