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Smith hopes that McCown can excel in his first two years in Tampa Bay to the point where he can earn another short-term contract to close out his career in four or five more years.

...and so the terror officially can begin. If anyone looks at McC and wants to see 5 years of this guy is using levels of narcotics that make Scarface look like a casual user.

You're looking at it all wrong. If McCown is here 4-5 years from now, it means we are winning playoff games with him at the helm. Considering our last decade of football, that is a pretty appealing thought to me.

The problem is thinking he is gonna be here in 4-5 implies you think he is a good QB right now. This isn't the plan. This should be an accident if it happens but you should be looking beyond McC. My real fear is that this is another case of trying to patch this position with chewing gum and bailing wire because we don't want to take the hit to develop a young good QB we'd rather muddle along with these spares going 8-8 every year. I've seen this dance with Gruden and I don't like the way it goes.

The difference is Gruden went 7 years without finding a young QB. Lovie hasn't even coached a game yet.

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