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No gloating, just glad Lovie is building the franchise with a modicum of thought and sanity.  Evans is why JFF looked so good in college and now coupled with Vjax, we have as envied a tandem of WR as anyone in the league.  I still think we may go WR in the second but I am hoping they take Joyner from FSU.

Screw it man, gloat all you want. I'm one of the biggest Glennon fans around here and I was even starting to accept the fact that Smith was going to sell him down the river for a bag of peanuts like Mike Will and Zuttah. L&L just bought themselves some slack from ol' BucNY for a bit. Maybe now Glennon will get the treatment and training he deserves, rather than being thrown into an angry hornets nest with no talent and an offensive scheme that entails, go deep, unless your covered, then do a post, unless that's covered, in that case do a comeback route. Not hard to understand why he would stare receivers down.

I'm glad, I said all along that McCown was brought in to give Glennon time to develop properly. So far it looks like that is the plan, and I gotta say, I like it. This just restored some faith in my team that we finally are putting a good plan into place

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