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(And I still cannot believe this board doesn't give Glennon more props for his play last year)

They aren't alone as the expert's don't either.

That's simply not true.  For instance:  IMHO, Glennon has Flacco potential.  That might not excite many, but it's fine by me.  I'd also be fine if we somehow draft a QB next year.

ROFL Flacco potential. Freeman had that too! Now I need to head to the kitchen and get some paper towels to clean off my keyboard. Coffee everywhere!

Not sure why that's funny, Flacco isn't an elite qb, neither is Glennon. but if Glennon pans out to be in the "Andy Dalton, Nick Foles, Joe Flacco like" top 15-10 range of qbs, along with Lovie's defense, the Bucs will be a legitimate threat

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