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(And I still cannot believe this board doesn't give Glennon more props for his play last year)

They aren't alone as the expert's don't either.

That's simply not true.  For instance:  IMHO, Glennon has Flacco potential.  That might not excite many, but it's fine by me.  I'd also be fine if we somehow draft a QB next year.

Only in Tampa is Glennon hated on, nationally it's not the case. To me seems like a certain radio host slammed him from the start and the sheep in Tampa followed suit.  I don't know what people expected last year either, wasn't the plan for him to play that early.

Yea he's no Russell Wilson. I mean really what could we expect? Luck? Kaepernick? Yea I see how it's hard to expect much from Glennon given other teams experiences.

Luck is cut from a different cloth than most- that's why he is considered "once in a generation".  However, if you put Wilson or Kap in the exact same situation Glennon was in last year as rookies I firmly believe they both sh1t the bed.  Glennon didn't.  He isn't as athletic as either or them, but he is better in the pocket than both of them.  I am perfectly content (have posted as much many times) moving forward with Glennon.

This guy?

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